Project: Empowerment of women

Empowerment of women

The Challange

Bangladesh has made remarkable improvements in the past few decades regarding women’s empowerment.

However, there are still several challenges that remain. Some of these include childbirth mortality rates, fertility issues, disparity in female education and literacy rates, and gender based discrimination and violence. Consequently, these issues prohibit women from achieving their full potential.

Our core values at Suraiya Ataur Medical Center.

Our Response

The young women of Chondipur find it hard to seek the right help they need. Addressing issues of mental health, emotional and physical abuse is challenging. Suraiya Ataur Medical Center plans to provide a platform to support and highlight these important issues. This will be provided via educational seminars with topics such as mental health, nutrition, hygiene, pregnancy, menopause, gender based discrimination, and self defense classes. We are also committed to addressing the disparity in female literacy rates by providing more young women the chance to study at the adjacent school, as well as having the opportunity to pursue higher education at the Nursing School we are in the process of building. We are committed to providing this in a safe and welcoming environment where the Chondipur villagers feel empowered, inspired, and respected.

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Budget for 2020-21

  • Smart TV for webinars: $600
  • Internet connection (Wi-Fi): $50 for installment and $30/month or $360/year for ongoing connection
  • Stipend for various experts to do webinars in various topics to promote women empowerment: $120/month or $1,440/year
  • A/V Technician: $300/month or $3,600/year
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