Project: Nursing School & Scholarship

Nursing School & Scholarship

The Challenge

There is a significant shortage of qualified nurses in Bangladesh. Many young women wishing to enter the field have limited opportunities due to lack of funds, cultural barriers, and familial obligations. Because to this, women have few education and career options in the rural areas of Bangladesh. As a result, more often than not, they are married off by their families. This is the scenario especially in villages like Chondipur.

Our first Nursing School Scholarship recipient Tina shares her gratitude and joy at being able to pursue her dream of earning a degree in nursing.

Our Response

A discussion with the village leadership including students and teachers about future empowerment projects led to the planning of building a nursing school. The nearest one in an hour away with limited seats and high tuition costs. In the future, having an option to attend this nursing school will empower the young women to have more choices and independence in their lives. When this nursing school under Suraiya Ataur Medical Center (SAMC) becomes a reality, the adjacent all-girls school's students would be assured of a seat (if qualified) by paying a minimal fee.

As part of the goal to empower women, we offered Taslima a four year nursing scholarship for the first time in 2019 thanks to the generous donations from theInterfaith Community Sanctuaryin Seattle.

We hope to offer these scholarships every year until our own nursing school is fully established.

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